Work Experience

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Led the project on Pancreas development: Mechanism mediating developmental specification of pancreatic ductal cells.
  • Worked on the project on Cancer metabolism: Understanding the influence of insulin and glucose on pancreatic cancer using patient-derived organoid models (in vitro and in vivo).
  • Assisted in a project investigating macrophage subtypes in acinar vs ductal cells derived pancreatic cancer.
  • Developed and established Animal care protocols in the lab with Animal care facility.
  • Preclinical studies: Developed in vivo animal model, study design, performed experiments & analysed data.
  • Assay development: RNAscope, organoid-based assays, nuclei isolation
  • Collaborated with 10X Genomics, BC cancer and other labs in UBC to develop protocols and projects.
Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Led a mechanistic project investigating the NFATc1-EZH2 axis in pancreatic cancer.
  • Established PDX mouse models in the department with clinicians, pathologists and fellow researchers.
  • Provided guidance on planning, executing & analysing in vitro & in vivo therapeutic studies.
  • Wrote research papers & research grants (project ideas, budgeting).
Doctoral Researcher
  • Headed a oncology-based translational research project investigating EZH2 inhibition in pancreatic cancer.
  • Established protocols for orthotopic transplantation and ultrasound imaging in the department.
  • Designed and performed in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic studies to evaluate potential therapeutic targets and their mechanism of action.
  • Conducted correlation studies with clinical samples in collaboration with clinicians.
  • Designed and executed preclinical studies to 5 collaborators resulting in publications.
Research Assistant
  • Assisted in two different projects related to p300 autoacetylation.
  • Developed and characterized antibodies.
Project Assistant
  • Developed a method to predict Imatinib drug response prior to treatment in CML patient.
  • Worked with clinicians to correlate patient parameters to study results (n=30).


college, graduation, hat-303428.jpg
PhD , Molecular Medicine 2016-2020
University of Goettingen, Germany

Thesis: Characterizing the role of EZH2 in Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).

Supervisor: Dr.Elisabeth    Hessmann

college, graduation, hat-303428.jpg
MSc, Regenerative Medicine 2012-2014
Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine, India

Thesis: Analysis of copy number variation in Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

Supervisor: Dr. Sweta Srivastava

college, graduation, hat-303428.jpg
BSc, Biotechnology
Manipal Life Sciences Centre, India

Thesis: Alterations in the extracellular matrix proteins under hypoxic conditions in HepG2 cells.

Supervisor: Dr. Manjunath Joshi


Preclinical Research (In Vitro)

  • Efficacy & toxicity testing assays
  • cell-based assays
  • Functional assays
  • Gene/protein expression assays
  • Immunological assays.

Preclinical Research (In Vivo)

  • Developing animal models – transgenic, orthotopic, syngenic and pdx mouse models. 
  • SC, IP and IV injections in mice
  • Abdominal ultrasound imaging for tumor detection in the mouse models
  • Embryonic dissections
  • End-to-end study design,         
  • PK-PD studies.

Molecular Biology

  • Western Blot
  • qPCR, DNA & RNA isolations
  • Recombinant protein purification & quantification
  • Histone acetyltransferase assays
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Cloning,   
  • Antibody generation and characterization

Cell Culture

  • Culture of primary, mammalian, stem cells, pdx cells and organoids.
  • Transfections
  • Generation of CRISPR-Cas9 cells
  • Generation of chemoresistant cell lines
  • Cell-based assays


  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Microtomy
  • Cryosectioning

Radioactivity assays

  • Autoradiography
  • Radioimmunoassays
  • scintillation counts


  • Electron microscopy
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy


  • Cell cycle analysis
  • FACS


  • ChIP Seq
  • RNA Seq


  • GraphPad
  • ImageJ
  • Adobe illustrator
  • R studio (basics)


  • Scientific manuscripts
  • Fellowship/grant applications
  • Animal care protocols
  • SOPs


  • Worked on multiple projects in collaborations with researchers, pathologists & clinicians, bioinformaticians and other facilities.

Training and Certifications

  • ICH Good Clinical Practice (E6), The Global Health Network, 2024.
  • Clinical Trials Analysis, Monitoring & Presentation, 2023
  • Drug Development – Specialization: Drug discovery, Drug development & Drug commercialization, 2023
  • Project Management, 2023
  • Tri-Council Policy statement: Ethical Conduct for Research involving Humans (course on Research ethics), 2021.
  • FELASA-B (Animal experimentation course for European Laboratory Animal Science Associations), 2016.
  • Trainee in Virology department in Manipal University, 2013.


  • Mentored 3 undergraduate students and 2 graduate students, 2021 –
  • Conducted a workshop on ‘Orthotopic transplantation of pancreatic tumor cells into pancreas of mice’ (Workshop offered as a part of Deutsche Pancreas Club (DPC) conference hosted in Goettingen), 2019.
  • Conducted a practical course on ‘Orthotopic transplantation in mouse models’ (part of Molecular medicine curriculum for Masters students in University Medical Center, Goettingen, Germany), 2018.
  • Mentored 2 medical students in their projects, 2018 – 2019.
  • Conducted a method course on ‘Mouse models of pancreatic cancer – in vivo imaging’ (part of Molecular medicine curriculum for Masters students in University Medical Center, Goettingen, Germany), 2017.
  • Provided regular courses on orthotopic transplantation and ultrasound-based tumor screening, 2017 – 2020


Oral Presentations:

  • European Pancreas Club (EPC) conference, Bergen, Norway, 2019
  • GCCC seminars in cancer and epigenetics research, Goettingen, Germany, 2018
  • Molecular medicine retreat, Wernigerode, Germany, 2017

Poster Presentations:

  • Deutsche Pancreas Club (DPC) conference, Germany, 2019, 2018 & 2017.
  • Molecular medicine retreat, Drubeck, Germany,
  • Pancreas Spring Meeting, Goettingen, Germany, 2017.
  • EKFS cancer symposium, Goettingen, Germany, 2017.
  • European Pancreas Club (EPC) conference, Budapest, Hungary, 2017.


  • Volunteered in organizing Deutsche Pancreas Club, Germany (2018).
  • Volunteered in organizing Pancreas spring meeting, Germany (2018)
  • Volunteered in organizing EKFS cancer symposium, Germany (2017)
  • Volunteered in organizing Asian forum of Chromosome & Chromatin Biology Conference, India  (2015).

Honors and Awards

  • Abstract selected for oral presentation at European Pancreatic Club, Norway (2019).
  • Best Abstract award issued by Deutschen Pancreas Club, Ulm, Germany (2018).
  • Travel award issued by European Pancreatic Club, Budapest, Hungary (2017).
  • Gold Medal for best outgoing graduate student by Manipal University (2012).


  • Mentor in Freedom Employability Academy (FEA), empowering disadvantaged youth in India (2018-present).
  • Volunteer in the Beayoutiful Foundation, empowering young women in Canada (2021-present).
  • Cultural secretary of ‘Nirmiti’, a registered Indian fraternity in Goettingen, Germany (2016-2019).
  • Volunteered in a NGO aimed to help street children access education and develop skills (2014-1016).


  • Cell type of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma origin: Implications for prognosis and clinical outcomes. S Patil, Y Dou, JL Kopp, Visceral medicine, 2022 (first author paper) 
  • Chromatin-independent interplay of NFATc1 and EZH2 in pancreatic cancer. S Patil, T Forster, K Reutlinger, W Kopp … E Hessmann, Cells, 2021 (first author paper)
  • EZH2 regulates pancreatic cancer subtype identity and tumor progression by transcriptional repression of GATA6. S Patil, B Steuber,….. L Urbach, E Hessmann, E, Cancer Research, 2020. (first author paper)
  • Acvr1b loss promotes formation of precancerous lesions from acinar and ductal cells of origin. K Saeki, S Patil, Y Sun… JL Kopp, bioRxiv, 2023 (under review)
  • Hyperinsulinemia acts via acinar insulin receptors to initiate pancreatic cancer by increasing digestive enzyme production and inflammation. AMY Zhang, YH Xia, JSH Lin, …..S Patil …… JL Kopp, Cell Metabolism, 2023.
  • NFATc1 is a central mediator of EGFR-induced ARID1A chromatin dissociation during acinar cell reprogramming, Z Zhang, X Wang, FH Hamdan, A Likhobabina, S Patil …. E Hessmann. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2023
  • TP53-status-dependent oncogenic EZH2 activity in pancreatic cancer. L Versemann, S Patil, B Steuber, Z Zhang, … E Hessmann, Cancers, 2022
  • HSP90 inhibition synergizes with cisplatin to eliminate basal-like pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells. KM Ewers, S Patil, W Kopp, J Thomale…. M Dobbelstein, Cancers, 2021
  • Preclinical Evaluation of 1,2-Diamino-4,5-Dibromobenzene in Genetically Engineered Mouse Models of Pancreatic Cancer. RG Goetze, SM Buchholz, SM, N Ou, Q Zhang, S Patil, … A Neesse, Cells, 2019
  • Cytosolic 5′-nucleotidase 1A is overexpressed in pancreatic cancer and mediates gemcitabine resistance by reducing intracellular gemcitabine metabolites. MS Patzak, V Kari, S Patil, … A Neesse, EBioMedicine, 2019.
  • Mutant and Wild-Type Tumor Suppressor p53 Induces p300 Autoacetylation. S Kaypee, SA Sahadevan, S Patil, …TK Kundu, IScience, 2018.
  • Oligomers of human histone chaperone NPM1 alter p300/KAT3B folding to induce autoacetylation. S Kaypee, SA Sahadevan, D Sudarshan, SH Sinha, S Patil, … TK Kundu, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta., 2018.
  • Utilizing high resolution ultrasound to monitor tumor onset and growth in genetically engineered pancreatic cancer models. RG Goetze, SM Buchholz, S Patil, …. A Neesse, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2018.

I am open for opportunities to collaborate with an enthusiastic team to drive innovation and advance cancer therapeutics research.