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Circular Approach in Medical Translation: Bench-to-Bedside and Back : The loop of innovation, from bench to bedside and back offers a promising alternative to the traditional linear model of translation from bench to bedside.

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The mission is to connect scientific research with health care and to build a world that is connected and collaborative. 

“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it is the first stem to humanity”

The vision is to step into an era where everyone belonging to different sectors of healthcare can communicate in the same language.


Shilpa Patil Researcher

I am a passionate Research Scientist specializing in translational research, with a strong dedication to positively impacting patients’ lives. Highly skilled in cross-functional team management, client relationship and effective communication. Proficient in implementing project plans ensuring the successful and coordinated completion of project components.

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What we find changes who we become


Planning a Research project, Study design for Cancer Preclinical studies, planning small scale events.


Providing classes for Science domain subjects in a one-on-one or group setting.


Scientific documents, manuscripts, protocols and blog articles.


Related to education, women empowerment, sustainable healthcare and cancer/health awareness.


“Shilpa is an enthusiastic and highly-skilled scientific researcher whom I would like to recommend with full of sincerity. I have worked alongside her for more than 4 years during our Ph.D. in the same program of molecular medicine at UMG and have known her as a friend ever since. She has a strong background and is proficient in patient-oriented, molecular-subtype-based translational research on advanced therapies for cancer. She is a fast learner, who always has a comprehensive grasp of cutting-edge technologies and quickly becomes the master of that technique in the lab. Besides, she is highly efficient and therefore an accomplished multi-tasker in handling various projects. When it refers to inter-group collaborations, she is committed to creating customized solutions based on the scientific aim of the copartner and correlative skills of her to maximize the outcome. I am glad to see that her collaborators all still stay in good contact with her – which can be attributed to the appreciation of both her professionalism and personality. In addition to her professional qualifications, her excellent communication skills are very impressive. She has contributed in the organization of the Annual Meeting of the German Pancreas Club (DPC, 2019 in Goettingen) and has actively participated in influential conferences in the field including DPC, EPC (Annual Meeting of the European Pancreas Club), and EKFS (Else-Kröner-Fresenius Foundation) by giving poster or oral presentations.
In all, I believe that Shilpa will be a tremendous asset to your institute/facility and I wish her all the best in her career!”

Dr. Alice Zhang
Senior Scientist at Genscript
on LinkedIn

“During our time working together at the University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG) at the University Goettingen, I had the pleasure of observing Shilpa’s open-minded personality and her helpful character. During our PhD, we spent nearly 3,5 years working together in the lab in pancreatic cancer research. Shilpa has the captivating property of being always in a good mood rendering the hard lab work easy-going. Shilpa demonstrated her expertise in cancer research and bioinformatics and always delivered high-quality work on the projects she worked on and collaborated on. I have no doubt that Shilpa would be a valuable asset to any organization. I highly recommend Shilpa for any position she may be pursuing and wish her all the best in her career.”

Dr. Lennart Versemann
Postdoctoral Researcher at UMG, Goettingen, Germany
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“I have known Shilpa for almost a decade now as a friend and an ex-colleague. She conducted her Master’s thesis research in the lab where I was a Research Assistant. She has a strong background in the field of cancer and stem cell biology and is highly skilled in multiple techniques. She is humble, approachable, an excellent team player, and has the capacity to lead a project. In the 6 months that she conducted research in the lab, she made significant strides and led a collaborative project with the research and clinical staff to follow up on her hypothesis. I highly recommend Shilpa and hope to work with her again in future.”

Dr. Shikha Gupta
Postdoctoral Researcher at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Cambridge
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“Patient, helpful, and sincere are how I would describe Shilpa. I have had the pleasure to work with Shilpa for over 6 months when I moved to Vancouver for a short-term research project as part of my master’s degree. No matter how busy she was, she always made time to help me out or discuss my progress and I learned a lot from her. It is without hesitation that I recommend Shilpa!”

Titine Ruiter
PhD Candidate at University Medical Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands
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